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»Volume 15, No. 2, August 2014

»Volume 15, No. 3, December 2014

»Volume 16, No. 1, April 2015

»Volume 16, No. 2, August 2015

»Volume 16, No. 3, December 2015

»Volume 17, No. 1, April 2016

»Volume 17, No. 2, August 2016

Complete issue 17(2) in Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf)
Henry F. Fradella, Aili Malm, and Christine S. Scott-Hayward, Co-Editors
© 2016 Criminology, Criminal Justice, Law & Society

Feature Articles

Presidential Rhetoric and Cybercrime: Tangible and Symbolic Policy Statements

Joshua B. Hill and Nancy E. Marion

Capital Exchanges, Security Networks, and ‘User Pays’ Policing

Randy K. Lippert, Kevin Walby, and Palmer Taylor

In or Out: The Drug Court Dilemma

Andrew Fulkerson, Linda Keena, and Anthony Longman

»Volume 17, No. 3, December 2016

»Volume 18, No. 1, April 2017

»Volume 18, No. 2, August 2017

»Volume 18, No. 3, December 2017

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Erik Luna, Henry F. Fradella, and Marianne Wade, Guest Co-Editors
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Special Issue on Criminal Justice Reform

Erik Luna, Henry F. Fradella, and Marianne Wade

Feature Article

Collateral Consequences of Criminal Conviction

Gabriel J. Chin


Collateral Consequences of Criminal Conviction: Limits and Justifications

Milena Tripkovic

Feature Article

Fees, Fines, and Forfeitures 

Beth A. Colgan


Fines and Repression: Penal Orders and the Saint Louis Blues

Stephen C. Thaman

Feature Article

Reforming Stop-and-Frisk

Henry F. Fradella and Michael D. White


Stop, Question, and Frisk: A Response via the UK’s PREVENT Programme

Chris Allen

Feature Article

Policing, Databases, and Surveillance

Christopher Slobogin

Feature Article

Prosecutor Institutions and Incentives

Ronald F. Wright


Flying Blind: Voter Information and Prosecutor Behavior

Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay and Bryan C. McCannon

»Volume 19, No. 1, April 2018

»Volume 19, No. 2, August 2018